Fox College - Bedford Park, IL


History of Success.

Fox College traces its history back to 1932 when Earl B. Fox, an educator and former high school principal, founded the school. It was Mr. Fox's vision to have a relatively small, exclusive school dedicated to producing the very best executive and legal assistants. Mr. Fox accepted ambitious and motivated high school graduates and college students from the Chicago metropolitan area. 

Extremely high standards were maintained in a highly specialized program that included traditional academic subjects, as well as courses intended to facilitate personal development. Graduates thus have possessed both strong workplace skills and a strong sense of direction, maturity, and confidence. 

Just as the workplace, community, and society have undergone change, so has the direction of Fox College. While the philosophy of high standards and educational challenge has remained the same, programs and curricula have and will continue to evolve. Significantly, Fox College has joined the higher education community in its challenge to prepare students to compete in the global economy of today and tomorrow. 


Fox College is an institution of higher learning that combines general education and professional education in applied programs that prepare motivated students for success in specialized careers. 


Fox College is a proprietary institution that combines general education and professional education in coursework leading to associate of applied science degrees. The College provides an accelerated, structured educational experience to students from diverse backgrounds. The College’s applied programs prepare motivated students with a foundation in critical thinking, interactive teamwork, communication competence, and technological proficiency. This educational foundation enables the Fox College student to develop a desire for lifelong learning, successfully enter specialized careers, and function effectively in a changing world. 


Fox College’s core values dictate the manner in which the College carries out its mission in the past, present, and future. These equally important values are consistent with its mission and include Learning, Professionalism, Structure and Guidance, and Quality.  

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